novembro 12, 2005


... Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun (usually) and by far the smallest ... The surface temperature on Pluto varies between about -235 and -210 C (38 to 63 K) ... Pluto's composition is unknown, but its density (about 2 gm/cm3) indicates that it is probably a mixture of 70% rock and 30% water ice ... Little is known about Pluto's atmosphere, but it probably consists primarily of nitrogen with some carbon monoxide and methane ...

excuse me
but i just have to

explode this body
off me

i'll wake-up tomorrow
brand new

a little bit tired
but brand new

Björk, Pluto, Homogenic album. A legal audio sample from her website here.

An unnoficial full length mp3 from here ;)


Blogger H. disse...

so beautiful... :)

Anonymous Zé Macaco disse...

so cold... :\

Blogger Pure_Water disse...

Pra mim Pluto será para sempre o eterno e fiel amigo do Mickey :P

Blogger Pedro Duarte disse...

Hehehe, gostei dessa, Pure_Water !


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